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fix error #2 description + minor fixes
(updated with new and changed errors; I'm also moving the description to the project page, updating that too; setting error 68 at priority 2, see history page (can't keep -1 due to en.wiki setting 0))
m (fix error #2 description + minor fixes)
error_021_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_021_head_lawiki=Category: in English END
error_021_desc_lawiki=The article has a category written in English, like [[Category:ABC]]. END
error_028_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_028_head_lawiki=Table without correct end END
error_028_desc_lawiki=Found no end of the table. "|}" generally needs to be added. MediaWiki generally displays the table despite the missing end, but content below the table gets mixed into the table. Sometimes an infobox is more suitable than thea table.<br>
If wiki syntax "{|" is used to start the table, the end tag should be "|}". There are cases were a template can end a table, such as {{End}}. END
error_052_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_052_head_lawiki=Category before last heading END
error_052_desc_lawiki=Categories are placed before the last section header. CategoryCategories should be placed at the end of the article. This can be a sign that the article is somewhat mixed up. END
error_058_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_058_head_lawiki=Heading all CAPS END
error_058_desc_lawiki=One heading in this article has only capitalization like "== HEADING IS BIG ==". See <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:MOSHEAD">WP:MOSHEAD</a>. Also, this heading has to have more than 10 letterscharacters, so a normal abbreviation like "== UNO ==" is not a problem.<br><br>The report might list a few false positives, such as titles of works. END
error_060_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_060_head_lawiki=Template parameter with a problem END
error_060_desc_lawiki=In the parameter of a template the script found an unusual lettercharacters ([|]:*) which could be a problem.<br>Sample: {{Template| parameter_1=100 | [[parameter]]_2=200 }}. END
error_087_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_087_head_lawiki=HTML named entities without semicolon END
error_087_desc_lawiki=The script found named entities (like <code>&amp;auml;</code>) in the text without the semicolon. END
error_088_prio_lawiki=-1 END
error_088_head_lawiki=DEFAULTSORT with a blank at first position END
error_088_desc_lawiki=The script found a DEFAULTSORT with a blank at first position, like {{DEFAULTSORT:&nbsp;Doe,&nbsp;John}}. END