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[[Fasciculus:T S Eliot Simon Fieldhouse.jpg|thumb|T. S. Eliot. [[Simon Fieldhouse]] fecit.]]
; Editiones operum
* Ronald Schuchard, ed., ''T. S. Eliot: The Varieties of Metaphysical Poetry: the Clark Lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1926, and the Turnbull Lectures at the Johns Hopkins University, 1933''. Londinii: Faber, 1993. ISBN 0-571-14230-3
; Eruditio
* A. David Moody, ''Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poet''. 2a ed. Cantabrigiae: Cambridge University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-521-46186-3 {{Google Books|kbX9KjkCfX0C|Paginae selectae}}
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