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Gulielmus Joel, in [[Bronx|Comitatu Bronxensi]] [[Urbs Novum Eboracum|Urbis Novi Eboraci]] die [[9 Maii]] [[1949]] natus, in oppido [[Hicksville]] [[Insula Longa|Insulae Longae]] educatus est.<ref>{{cite journal|title=Monitor|journal=Entertainment Weekly|date=10 Maii 2013|issue=1258|page=30}}.</ref>, in oppido [[Hicksville]] [[Insula Longa|Insulae Longae]] educatus est. Howard (Helmuth) Joel, qui Pater Gulielmus Joel fuit, clavilista fuit. <ref name="htt">{{cite web|url=http://www.wnyc.org/shows/heresthething/2012/jul/30/transcript|title=Billy Joel|date=30 Iulii 2012|publisher=WNYC|work=Here's The Thing|format=transcriptum|quote=I grew up on the Island, in the Levittown section of Hicksville. We had a Levitt house, Cape Code, on the quarter acre. . . . My father was a classically trained pianist. He grew up in Nuremberg, Germany, and he also went to school in Switzerland. His father was quite well off. They had a mail-order textile business, Joel Macht Fabrik.}}</ref>
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