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== Bibliographia ==
; Opera ab ipso divulgata
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; Editiones operum postumae
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; De vita et opere
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== Nexus externi ==
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* ''[http://www.edwardlearsociety.org The Edward Lear Society]''
* Rowena Fowler, ''[http://edwardlear.westminster.org.uk Edward Lear's Grecian Travels]''
* Marco Graziosi, ''[https://nonsenselit.wordpress.com A Blog of Bosh: the Edward Lear Home Page]''
** Marco Graziosi, ed., ''[https://leardiaries.wordpress.com Edward Lear's Diaries]''
* "[[:s:en:Author:Edward Lear|Edward Lear]]" apud Vicifontem Anglicum
* ''[http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/learwork.html Edward Lear home page: a bibliography of Edward Lear's writings]''
* ''[http://edwardlearandcrete.weebly.com Edward Lear and Crete]''
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