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*[[Forum Pacis Caelestis]], in media urbe situm
*[[Urbs Vetita]]
*[[2045 Peking]], [[asteroides]]<!-- +
Large Cities Climate Leadership Group
List of hospitals in Beijing
List of mayors of Beijing
Tourist attractions of Beijing-->
; Opera antiquiora
* ''Guide for Tourists to Peking and Its Environs''. Tientsin: Tientsin Press, 1897 [https://archive.org/details/guidefortourist00unkngoog Textus apud archive.org]
* "[https://archive.org/stream/treatyportschin00kinggoog#page/n538/mode/2up Peking]" in N. B. Dennys, ''The Treaty Ports of China and Japan'' (Londinii: Trübner, 1867) p. 490 ff. [https://archive.org/details/treatyportschin00kinggoog Textus]
; Opera recentiora