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Summarium vacuum
"Obiectum vulgo est strangulus, vel pupa ursi pro parvulis." Besides the fact that obiectum is not the proper word for object, what does this sentence try to say? Btw, ursus, ursi, non urus, uri.--[[Usor:Ioshus RocchioIoscius|Ioshus RocchioIoscius]] 20:20, 30 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
:And yes, the pro consolando part isn't great either.--[[Usor:Ioshus RocchioIoscius|IoshusIoscius]] <small><sup>[[Disputatio Usoris:Ioshus RocchioIoscius|(disp)]]</sup></small> 04:20, 6 Septembris 2006 (UTC)
:"The object comonly is either a blanket, or a stuffed animal bear (doll of a bear) for children" is what a meant. While it doesn't matter because it is probably entirely wrong anyway I probably should have used "pupa in forma ursi" or "ursiforma" if such adjectives were common in latin. [[Usor:Alexanderr|Alexanderr]] 04:46, 6 Septembris 2006 (UTC)
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