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Etsi pura venundatur cervisia interdum e condimentis infertur, sicut in [[ludus scaenicus|ludo scaenico]] ''[[A Looking Glass for London and England]]'' (1594) curiose describitur:
:Philosophus sum qui de natura cervisiae disputare possum. Scito, domine, poculum cervisiae e partibus quattuor consistere, scilicet cervisiam imprimis, panem coctam, zingiber et [[nux muscatamoschata|nucem muscatammoschatam]] ...
:''I am a philosopher that can dispute of the nature of Ale; for mark you, sir, a pot of ale consists of foure parts, imprimus the ale, the toast, the ginger and the nutmeg. . . . The ale is a restorative; bread is a binder, marke you, sir, two excellent points in phisicke; the ginger, oh ware of that, the philosophers have written of the nature of ginger, tis expullsitive in two degrees. . . . But now to the noble vertue of the nutmeg; it is, saith one ballad . . . an underlayer to the braines, for when the ale gives a buffet to the head, oh, the nutmeg, that keepes him for a while in temper. . . . Masters, take this of me, a cup of ale without a wench, why, alasse, tis like an egge without salt, or a red herring without mustard.''<ref>[[Thomas Lodge]] et [[Robertus Greene]], ''[[A Looking Glass for London and England]]'' (Londinii, 1594) act. 1 sc. 2</ref>