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'''Africa Austrina'''<ref>{{Fontes desiderati}}</ref> est [[meridies|australissima]] [[continens|continentis]] [[Africa]]ni [[regio]], per [[geographia]]m vel [[geopolitica]]m varie definita. Intra regionem sunt nonnullae terrae, inter quas [[Africa Australis|Respublica Africae Australis]] ([[civitas sui iuris|civitas]] successor [[Unio Africae Australis|Unionis Africae Australis]]).<ref>"Africa," in ''The Oxford Companion to the English Language,'' ed. Tom McArthur (Novi Eboraci: Oxford University Press, 1992), ISBN 0-19-214183-X: "''South Africa'': This term once referred to the south of the continent generally, but is currently restricted to the [[South Africa|Republic of South Africa]]. The term ''Southern''/''southern Africa'', however, generally includes [[Angola]], [[Botswana]], [[Lesotho]], [[Malawi]], [[Mozambique]], [[Namibia]], South Africa, [[Swaziland]], [[Zambia]], and [[Zimbabwe]]" (p. 19).</ref> <!--PLUS IN EN:-->
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*[[Africa Subsaharana]]
*[[Historia Africae Austrinae]]
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