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| location = [[Great Russell Street]], London [[WC postcode area|WC1]], [[England]], [[UK]]
| visitors = 6,049,000 (2007–2008)<ref>{{Cite web| url= http://www.britishmuseum.org/pdf/TAR07-08.pdf | work= British Museum | format= PDF | title= Reports and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2008 |, page 17, date= 17 July 2008 | accessdate=15 October 2008}}</ref><br />5,569,981 (2009)<ref name=ALVA>{{Cite web|url=http://www.alva.org.uk/visitor_statistics/|title=Visits made in 2009 to visitor attractions in membership with ALVA|publisher=Association of Leading Visitor Attractions|accessdate=21 May 2010}}</ref><br />
* Museorum Regni Britanniarum frequentatissimum
* [[Most visited museums in the United Kingdom|Ranked 1st nationally]]
* Museorum orbis terrarum frequentatissimorum secundum
* [[List of most visited art museums in the world|Ranked 2nd globally]]
| publictransit = [[Holborn tube station|Holborn]] [[Fasciculus:Central Line roundel (no text).svg|10px|Central line]] [[Fasciculus:Piccadilly line roundel (no text).svg|10px|Piccadilly line]]<br /> [[Tottenham Court Road tube station|Tottenham Court Road]] [[Fasciculus:Central Line roundel (no text).svg|10px|Central line]]<br /> [[Russell Square tube station|Russell Square]] [[Fasciculus:Piccadilly line roundel (no text).svg|10px|Piccadilly line]]<br /> [[Goodge Street tube station|Goodge Street]] [[Fasciculus:Northern line roundel (no text).svg|10px|Northern line]]
|director = [[Neil MacGregor]]