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de imaginibus
(de imaginibus)
== salve ==
De qua plus discas, pete. Tempore fruere tuo apud nos!--[[Usor:Ioshus Rocchio|Ioshus]] <small><sup>[[Disputatio Usoris:Ioshus Rocchio|(disp)]]</sup></small> 15:57, 25 Februarii 2007 (UTC)
== de imaginibus ==
Please note that the wikipedia as a free encyclopedia accepts only '''free content''' (that is content that is not copyrighted or other content that can be freely redistributed and modified, including for commercial purposes). The English wikipedia is a slight exception because it also accepts so-called "fair use" images, but most other wikipedias do not accept such content. Therefore, for every image the '''source''', the '''author''' and the applicable '''licence''' need to be specified. See [[commons:Commons:Primeiros passos]]. --[[Usor:UV|UV]] 15:30, 11 Martii 2007 (UTC)