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[[Usor:Artaynte|Artaynte]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Artaynte|disputatio]]) 16:40, 8 Augusti 2012 (UTC)
:I'm not entirely sure of your understanding of formation of 'internet'/'interrete' that causes you to object. It ''is'', in fact, the structure between individual networks. A network is (generally) a local construct, [[:en:internetworking|internetworking]] is what you need to do to connect networks together, and ''the'' Internet is the largest internetwork—hence the name.
:Re the below, there's a few inter-[noun] words in Lewis & Short meaning something between [noun]s — [[interrex]], intercilium, intervallum, etc. Looking through the list it does seem that the much more usual formation adds -ium (e.g. interturrium, intertignium, interscapilium, interscalmium...) so *interretium might be preferable grammatically, if we can find an authority for it — but Latin is not a playground, as you say, and we have [[VP:NF|rules against making up words]]. (Also, I'm fairly sure 'interrete' is far more common outside Wikipedia as well.) —[[Usor:Mycēs|Mucius Tever]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Mycēs|disputatio]]) 14:52, 11 Augusti 2012 (UTC)
Just to make sure everybody understands it, I'll just for once write this down in English: It is not a question of if the word exists or not, for as the Ancients said, we can and should always add new words to our languages, including Latin. The word simply just means something else IN LATIN. If you put "inter-" in front of a noun, IN LATIN it would make no sence whatsoever (something like the above, the same goes for "internationalis" and God knows what other words people have been coming up with). I am not trying to be mean or w/e, I am just trying to make people conscious of something which I do not think everybody has understood here on the Latin Wikipedia:
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