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I'm working on the page at my [[Usor:Aulus Sergius Sulla/Sandbox|sandbox]], but I'm not sure how to translate the tribes. Is there a precedent for this sort of thing? For instance should it be Seneca, undeclinable, Senecae,-arum or Seneci, -orum. I'm lost! [[Usor:Aulus Sergius Sulla|Aulus Sergius Sulla]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Aulus Sergius Sulla|disputatio]]) 00:05, 20 Iunii 2012 (UTC)
:Sorry no one replied. As you know, our usual rule is not to make things up. So if no Latin form for ''Seneca'' (in this sense!) can be found, the term would be Seneca (indecl.). To help the sentence along you could sometimes say "populus/gens/tribus Seneca", or "homines/viri Seneca", and decline the attached word while leaving Seneca undeclined. Does that help? <font face="Gill Sans">[[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew]]<font color="green">[[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby| Dalby]]</font></font> 15:51, 22 Iunii 2012 (UTC)
::What about Latinizing the etnthonym? eg Seneca (english) = Onondowahgah (Seneca)= Onondovagi (Latin). &mdash; [[Usor:Aulus Sergius Sulla|A. Sergius Sulla]] | [[Disputatio Usoris:Aulus Sergius Sulla|Dice mihi]] 21:28, 27 Iunii 2012 (UTC)
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