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Summarium vacuum
m (IacobusAmor movit paginam Gualtherius Raleigh ad Gualtherius Ralegh: Lemma)
{{Lifetime|1554|1618|Raleigh, Gualtherius}}
[[Categoria:Alumni CollegiiUniversitatis OrielOxoniensis]]<!--Oxoniae-->
[[Categoria:Auctores Anglici]]
[[Categoria:Equites Britannici]]
[[Categoria:Exploratores Anglici]]
[[Categoria:Historia Guianae]]
[[Categoria:Nautae]]<!--recte: Nautae Anglici-->
[[Categoria:Poetae Anglici]]
[[Categoria:Scriptores Angliae]]<!-- + Executed writers
[[Categoria:Incolae Caesareae insulae]]
Governors of Jersey
[[Categoria:Legati apud Parlamentum Anglicum]]
Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms
[[Categoria:Morte damnati]]
Lord-Lieutenants of Cornwall
[[Categoria:Elisabetha I (regina Angliae)]]
Members of the pre-1707 English Parliament for constituencies in Cornwall
People executed by decapitation
People executed for treason against England
People executed under the Stuarts
People from East Devon (district)
People of Elizabethan Ireland
People of the Tudor period
Prisoners in the Tower of London
Burials at St Margaret's, Westminster-->
[[ar:والتر رالي]]