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'''''Yajurveda'''''<ref>*1845 [[Albrechtus Weber|Albrechti Weber]] ''Yajurvedae specimen cum commentario''</ref> ([[Sanscritice]]: यजुर्वेद, compositum a ''yajus'' ie "[[sacrificium]]" + ''veda'' ie "[[sapientia]]") est una ex quattuor [[Religio Induica|Induicis]] [[Veda|Vedis]]. Insunt praecipue in ea textus [[religio|religiosi]] de feriis et sacrificiis, inquomodo in quomodoagendi ageresint.
==Large numbers==
The Yajurveda documents the earliest known use of numbers up to a trillion (''parardha''). It even discusses the concept of numeric [[infinity]] (''purna'' "fullness"), stating that if you subtract ''purna'' from ''purna'', you are still left with ''purna''. [http://home.ica.net/~roymanju/Infinity.htm] {{seealso|History of large numbers}}-->
== ReferencesNotae ==
*[[Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith]], ''The Texts of the White Yajurveda. Translated with a Popular Commentary'' (1899).
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