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Meanwhile, there was again a violent uprising in [[Ujjain]]. Emperor Bindusara summoned Ashoka out of exile after two years. Ashoka went into Ujjain and in the ensuing battle was injured, but his generals quelled the uprising. Ashoka was treated in hiding so that loyalists of the Susima group could not harm him. He was treated by [[Buddhist]] monks and nuns. This is where he first learned the teachings of the [[Buddha]], and it is also where he met Devi, who was his personal nurse and the daughter of a merchant from adjacent Vidisha. After recovering, he married her. It was quite unacceptable to Bindusara that one of his sons should marry a Buddhist, so he did not allow Ashoka to stay in [[Pataliputra]] but instead sent him back to Ujjain and made him the governor of Ujjain. -->
[[Fasciculus:India 1947 Ashoka Lions 1 and half annas.jpg|thumb|Prima [[nota postalica]] ab [[India]] edita, anno [[1947]], ubi videtur capitulum columnae ab Aśoko erectae, quattuor leonibus ornatae. Eadem imago est in pluribus nummis Indicis.]]
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