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::::Nevertheless, Jondel is rightly reminding us that Cicero redivivus will be pronouncing the Latin in five syllables: ''nan-gu-i-na-ta.'' The letter ''u'' (well, tempore reipublicae Romanae spelled ''V'') usually indicates the sound of /u/. [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] 14:29, 27 Decembris 2011 (UTC)
:::::Cicero redivivus would have a lot of trouble with Japanese in general in any case, I'm afraid, from /ʃ/ and /ʒ/ and short /z/ to /j/ after consonants... I seem to remember this being in a previous discussion as well, but can't recall where. It would certainly still be a four-syllable nan-gui-na-ta though, as -ngu- before a vowel normally indicates a consonantal u (as in anguilla, bilinguis, pinguitudo, etc.) —[[Usor:Mycēs|Mucius Tever]] 17:42, 27 Decembris 2011 (UTC)
::Emendation -- a bit of brushing up on the [[:en:Late Middle Japanese|Late Middle Japanese]] the word would have been borrowed from suggests that the 'ng' actually represents a prenasalized g (/ⁿg/), not a velar nasal. —[[Usor:Mycēs|Mucius Tever]] 18:21, 27 Decembris 2011 (UTC)
Pronuntatio iaponice est na-gi-na-ta. Gi ut 'gigne'. Mihi videtur orthographia 'gui' ex modo hispanice errato facta est. Amabo te emenda an licet me emendem proprie.[[Usor:Jondel|Jondel]]
:Hi Mucius, There is no need to get worked up. Im not asking that Artaxerxes be respelt as Artaxsasa or Iesus be respelt back to Jesus. Im sorry I miss out the page bottom too. If you insist on a spelling which from the 16th century then go ahead. They didn't have the internet back then. Why not get things straight with available tools now? Confirmation at the Japanese interwiki is just one click away. Practically this is the only wiki that insists on using this spelling. Even the spanish wiki got the spelling right. The links of the '''three'' source links don't work. I work as a Japanese translator by the way and lived in Japan. I don't think the Japanese nanguinata. But I will abide whatever is decided. --[[Usor:Jondel|Jondel]] 16:37, 27 Decembris 2011 (UTC)
::Artaxerxes was only an analogy. I don't take it personally, just think that if there are changes they should have reasons, and in this case none of the reasons seemed to hold up. I don't think the Japanese interwiki will help. Nobody is denying that the Japanese is "なぎなた" or "薙刀". If we were to ask what the Japanese word is, of course we would say "naginata". But that doesn't make the ''Latin'' word wrong. Yes, the other wikis don't use that spelling because the other wikis aren't writing in Latin, just as other wikis write about [[en:Cluj-Napoca|Cluj-Napoca]] where we have [[Claudiopolis (Dacia)|Claudiopolis]], or as our article is at [[labda]] while others have [[:en:lambda|lambda]] with an ''m'' and the Greeks have abandoned the beta altogether.
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