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'''Sidoneus Vicious''' [[musicus]] [[Londinium|Londinii]] natus [[10 Maii]] [[1957]]. [[2 Februarii]] [[1979]] [[Novum Eboracum|Novi Eboraci]] mortuus.
'''Sidoneus Vicious,''' [[musicus]], [[Londinium|Londinii]] natus [[10 Maii]] [[1957]]., mortuus [[2Novum FebruariiEboracum|Novi Eboraci]] [[19792 Februarii]] [[Novum Eboracum|Novi Eboraci1979]] mortuus.
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'''Sid Vicious:'''
* Alex Cox & Abbe Wool, ''Sid And Nancy'' (1986, Faber and Faber)
* Keith Bateson and Alan Parker, ''Sid&#8217;s Way'' (1991, Omnibus Press)
* Tom Stockdale, ''Sid Vicious.: They Died Too Young'' (1995, Parragon)
* Malcolm Butt, ''Sid Vicious.: Rock&#8216;n&#8217;Roll Star'' (1997, Plexus)
* David Dalton, ''El Sid'' (1998, St. Martin&#8217;s Griffin)
* Sid Vicious, ''Too Fast To Live . . . Too Young to Die'' (1999, Retro Publishing)
* Alan Parker, ''Vicious. Too Fast To Live...'' (2004, Creation Books)
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