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'''Lacus Aestatis''' consistit in duoduobus parvaparvis [[mare lunare|mariamaribus lunarialunariis]] prope occidentaleoccidentalem [[Luna]]e membrumpartem. Area superficiei est fere 1000 km². <!--Selenographicae [[coordinate]]s of this feature are 15.0° S, 69.0° W, and it lies within a diameter of 90 km.
The northwestern part of this feature is located to the east-southeast of the crater [[Rocca (crater)|Rocca]], and is contained within the rim of the satellite crater Rocca&nbsp;A. The other part lies to the southeast of the first, and forms an elongated, irregular patch that extends generally in a north-south direction. The southern tip lies about one crater diameter to the northwest of the flooded crater [[Crüger (crater)|Crüger]]. -->
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