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*1607: ''Rodomonth's Infernal''
*1608: ''The Dumb Knight'' (cum [[Ludovicus Machin|Ludovico Machin]])
*1609: ''The Famous Whore, or noble curtizan, conteining the lamentable complaint of Paulina, the famous Roman curtizan, sometimes Mes unto the great Cardinall Hypolito, of Est''
*1609: ''The Famous Whore''
*1613: ''[[The English Husbandman]]''
*1615: ''[[The English Housewife]]''
*1616: (editor) ''Maison rustique, or The country farm''
*1617: ''Hobson's Horse-Load of Epistles''
*1621: ''Hunger's Prevention''
*1622: ''Herod and Antipas: a Tragedy'' (cum [[Gulielmus Sampson|Gulielmo Sampson]])
*1624: ''Honour in his Perfection''
*1625: ''[[Markham's Farewell to Husbandry]]''
*1625: ''The Soldier's Accidence''
*1634: ''The Art of Archerie''
*''[[Markham's Farewell to Husbandry]]''
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