Quantum redactiones paginae "Disputatio Usoris:Mclay1" differant

Mclay1, in commentario de [[Alexander Magnus|Alexandro Magno]], vocabulum ''diviserunt'' ad ''divisorunt'' hodie mutasti. Quid significat ''divisorunt,'' hoc verbum arcanum? [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] 10:52, 1 Augusti 2011 (UTC)
:I don't speak Latin but I think you're questioning the "typo correction" on "[[Alexander Magnus]]". ForI think, for some reason, AWB is correcting English typos or something. I've already brought it up on the English Wikipedia. I've been trying to undo them but clearly I missed that one. [[Usor:Mclay1|Mclay1]] 10:57, 1 Augusti 2011 (UTC)