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:English & Icelandic are Germanic languages, similarly related to Latin (and other Italic languages), except that English has more borrowed Latin-derived words, both from Latin itself and from Latin's descendants, especially French. Like Icelandic, we retain a Germanic word for your ''mús'' (i.e., the word ''mouse''), but we also have the adjective ''murine'' 'of or relating to mice', taken from Latin in the seventeenth century. ¶ I too deplore the long word(s) for 'computer' ; but if we don't have a better suggestion, we have to accept it. One trusts that, if we write & speak Latin enough, a short form will emerge. [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] 17:43, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)
::I grant your point on ''instrumentum computatorium'', but isn't ''computatrum'' just one more syllable than the english? What's so unwieldly about that?--[[Usor:Ioshus Rocchio|IoshusIoscius]] <small><sup>[[Disputatio Usoris:Ioshus RocchioIoscius|(disp)]]</sup></small> 17:44, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)
:::Actually, it's even briefer than that: since the "u" is short, rapid pronunciation approximates three syllables: ''comp'tātrum''&thinsp;! and if we nasalize the "m," it feels even briefer! [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] 18:18, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)
::::Alright! I get your point- it's not that long =] --[[Usor:BiT|BiT]] 18:39, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)
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