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::: According to the pattern of classical Latin, the diminutive of ''computatrum'' should be ''computatellum'' as Mucius says. But the diminutive isn't needed; the adjective ''portabile'' does the job. --[[Usor:Neander|Neander]] 01:33, 8 Maii 2008 (UTC)
:::: For [[Diminutivum (Latinum)]] I have conducted an extensive search after diminutive forms in classical Latin. It appears, as Mucius and Neander say, that nouns (and adjectives) whose stem ends in ''consonant + r'' have their diminituves ending in ''consonant + ell''. This pattern is even applied to words of non-Latin origin like ''mitra > mitella''. The only exception I have found is ''fenestrula'' from ''fenestra'' which Apuleius uses instead of the more common ''fenestella''. So the diminutive of ''computatrum'' should be ''computatellum''. --[[Usor:Fabullus|Fabullus]] 10:49, 8 Maii 2008 (UTC)
== De aliis tabulis expansionis ==
In pagina deficit tabula ad sonos gerendos et elaborandos. Quale nomen huic tabulae erit ? "''Audiotabula''" ? "''Tabula audio''" ? "''Tabula sonorum''" ? "''Tabula auditoria''" ? Aut aliud ?