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deactivating now-unnecessary DEFAULTSORT checks
(deactivating now-unnecessary DEFAULTSORT checks)
error_090_head_script=DEFAULTSORT with lowercase letters END
error_090_desc_script=The script found a DEFAULTSORT with lowercase letters like <nowiki>{{DEFAULTSORT:Role-playing game}} or {{DEFAULTSORT:2004 in Film}}</nowiki>. The Mediawiki-software need for every word a capitalization of the first letter. Write "Role-Playing Game" or "2004 In Film" for correct sorting in the category END
error_090_prio_lawiki=-10 END
error_090_head_lawiki= END
error_090_desc_lawiki= END
error_091_head_script=DEFAULTSORT is missing and title with lowercase_letters END
error_091_desc_script=The script found no DEFAULTSORT and the title of the article has lowercase letters at the beginning of a word like "Role-playing game" or "2004 in Film". This article make problem with sorting in categories. Write a <nowiki>{{DEFAULTSORT:Role-Playing Game}} or {{DEFAULTSORT:2004 In Film}}</nowiki>. END
error_091_prio_lawiki=-10 END
error_091_head_lawiki= END
error_091_desc_lawiki= END