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(''barocus, -a, -um'' and ''cymbalum, -i'')
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:Why did you remove {{fn|PONS-Egger}}? It also has ''barocus, -a, -um'' (one "c") for [[Germanice]] ''barock'' and ''cymbalum, -i'' for ''[[:de:Cembalo]]''. --[[Usor:Roland2|Roland]] <small>([[Disputatio Usoris:Roland2|disp.]])</small> 11:33, 5 Novembris 2006 (UTC)
::I did? I didn't mean to. Ah, I see. I deleted the heading 'Orchestra', because that is what the whole article is about, so it seemed redundant. I didn't notice the reference. I'll put it back. [[Usor:Josisb|Josisb]] 17:13, 5 Novembris 2006 (UTC)