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== Evolutio ==
In [[biologia]], theoria [[universus descensus communis|universi descensus communis]] proponit omnes [[tellus (planeta)|terrae]] organismos de commune auctore generis vel proavita genearum{{dubsig}}generum congerie ([[Anglice]]: ''gene pool'') descendisse. Indicia descensus communis inveniuntur in notis quas omnes organismi viventes habent. Tempore [[Carolus Darwin|Caroli Darwin]], indicia notarum communium solum ex observatione similitudinum morphologicarum ante oculos deducta sunt, sicut inventum omnes aves habere alas, etiam aves qui volare non solent. <!--
Today, there is debate over whether or not all organisms descended from a common ancestor, or a "[[last universal ancestor]]," also called the "last universal common ancestor." The universality of [[genetic coding]] suggests common ancestry. For example, every living cell makes use of nucleic acids as its genetic material, and uses the same twenty amino acids as the building blocks for proteins, though exceptions to the basic twenty amino acids have been found; however, throughout history, groupings based on appearance or function of species have sometimes been [[polyphyletic]] because of [[convergent evolution]].-->
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