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:::I always try in some way to improve upon the English version. If that means a better structure and more length and depth, ok. See [[Infinitas]] for an example of that. At the time of pagina mensis, it was pretty hard to argue that it was better than the english article. The english article has since improved. Sometimes, though, time constraints get the best of you, and this improvement over the english version amounts merely to better description, less pov, or less logorrhea within a single paragraph. All these improvements are subjective, as well. For instance, I think some sections of our [[Napoleo I (imperator Franciae)]] are better than at english, but just because they are more to the point and less wordy. They say about the same thing otherwise. Sadly, I just don't care enough about Napoleon to add the content from the missing sections to really whip that article into the shape that the rest of the english article is in. I have maiores pisces frigendos, if you know what I mean =] :::Maybe next month, to help out Jacob's humbling and awe-inspiring progress in the 1000 pages battle, I'll come back to the emperor, but I'm working on [[Pinus atomica]] now, this time only because I found some cool pictures on commons. Jacob's work does bring up a point, though, and that's that sometimes you write an article for the sake of the project. Andrew's [[caseus]] started out like that; what kind of wiki doesn't have an article on cheese? Now it's an impressive tome with excellent information in it.
:::All in all, it's a hard question to answer. Mostly I use vicipaedia to get better at Latin, to work in an intellectual community, and to help the cause of living Latin by writing an encyclopaedia in it right under the eyes of anyone who says we cultivate a dead language. May we keep doing it for all the reasons mentioned above. -- [[Usor:Ioscius|Ioscius]] <sup>'''[[Disputatio Usoris:Ioscius|∞]]'''</sup> 21:55, 1 Septembris 2010 (UTC)
== Logo v2 ==
Why this wikipedia logo wasn't switched to verson 2 with interface update? I mean this one:
--[[Usor:Orange-kun|Orange-kun]] 00:04, 2 Septembris 2010 (UTC)