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Thanks Magician!
(Thanks Magician!)
I am looking for someone who can translate TO Latin four spells I will use in a book of mine. I can provide them in both Italian and English. Thank you in advance.--[[Utente:dejudicibus|Dario de Judicibus]] <small> ([[Discussioni_utente:dejudicibus|Scribit]]) </small> 12:15, 27 Iulii 2006 (UTC)
== Thanks Magician! ==
You're a latin language magician! Thanks for being fixing the Jery Sandoval's article.
I'm a fan of her and I'm the [[author]] of J.S.'s articles on [[Wikipedia]]s in [[english]] and [[spanish]] langauges.
I hope to learn latin with your corrections; it was very difficult to me translate to latin modern words like ''model'', ''t.v. program'', and many others. As you can see, even I abused of the ablative case.
Thanks for this.
--[[Usor:|]] 16:32, 15 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Usor anonymus