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::As has been discussed elsewhere ''spatialis'' refers to physical space, compare the English "sptatial" which has nothing to do with outer space. ''Astronavis'' I think is what was decided.
::I'm not sure what ''deducta'' is doing here.
:::It was supposed to mean "launched", i.e. "Voyager II is an automatic spacecraft launched August 20th..." Lewis and Short says "deducere navis" = "to launch a ship". Is it the grammar of the phrase that confuses you?
::I don't find any examples of cosmos in the plural used like that (I could be wrong).
:::What word would you suggest for outer space outside of the solar system? Do we have an agreement on a term for "outerspace"?
::What is a golden disc of travelers? (this might be my ignorance of the Voyager program).
:::Yes, it literally is a Golden Disc. The Voyagers carried a kind of timecapsule phonograph record with sounds from earth, a variety of music, and greetings in dozens of languages (including Latin!). English has an [[:en:Voyager Golden Record|entire article dedicated to it]], and it really has a lot of information on it!
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::Gratias tibi ago! I will work on expanding the article, too! <font face="Courier New">--[[Usor:Secundus Zephyrus|SECUNDUS ZEPHYRUS]]</font> 02:15, 5 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)
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