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[[Fasciculus:Margaret Mead NYWTS.jpg|thumb|MargaretaMargarita Mead in [[bibliotheca]] inter [[1930]] et [[1950]].]]
'''MargaretaMargarita Mead''' ([[1901]]–[[1978]]) fuit culturalis [[anthropologia|anthropologus]] [[CFA|Americana]], quae in "mediis conlectis"<!--en:mass media--> praecipue decadis 196 et 197 saepe fuit [[orator]] et [[scriptor]]. <!--
She was a popularizer of the insights of anthropology into modern American and [[Western culture]], and a respected, though controversial, academic anthropologist. Her reports about the purportedly healthy attitude toward sex in South Pacific and Southeast Asian traditional cultures informed the [[sexual revolution]] of the 1960s. She championed broadened sexual mores within a context of traditional Western religious life. A committed [[Anglican]], she took a considerable part in the drafting of the 1979 American [[Episcopal Church in the USA|Episcopal]] [[Book of Common Prayer]].<ref>Howard, 347-348.</ref> -->
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