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'''Torquum''' est momentum circa axim, vires excentricae causa. Sicut ''[[vis]]'' est pulsus ''linearis'', quod fluxio momentum lineare est; ''torquum'' est pulsus ''rotatorius'', quod fluxio momentum rotatorium (seu angulare) est.
Dicemus,{{dubsig}}<!--we shall say--> magnitude torqui facta est<!--by the size of torque was made--> a magnitudine vi<!--from the size of force--> et longitudine ob axeaxi{{dubsig}}<!--and by the length before the axis--> et angulo inter se.<!--and by the angle between them--> Formula est:
:<math>\boldsymbol \tau = \mathbf{r}\times \mathbf{F}\,\!</math> vel
:<math>\tau = rF\sin \theta\,\!</math>
in qua τ est torquum, r est longitudine ob axi,{{dubsig}}<!--ob takes the accusative, and axi doesn't look like an acc.--> et F aequale vis.<!--aequale (being neuter) modifies F, not vis; is that OK?-->
Unitas torqui est distantia in vi; in [[Systema Internationale|Systemate Internationali]] Newton-metro.{{dubsig}}
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