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Salve, Bking2280. You have been blocked for removing content from pages, without giving any explanation. This is your second block, so you should be more careful next time. Your edits in [[taxus]] have been reverted--<font color="blue">[[:la:usor:Xaverius|Xave]]</font><font color="green">[[:eu:Lankide:Xaverius|ri]]</font><font color="red">[[:eu:Lankide_eztabaida:Xaverius|us]]</font> 21:06, 6 Februarii 2010 (UTC)
:How has he been removing content? What's going on with [[taxus]] anyway? [[Usor:Pantocrator|Pantocrator]] 21:08, 6 Februarii 2010 (UTC)
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