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#[[Io (mythologia)|Io]], filia Inachus in [[Mythologia|mythologica Graeca]]
#[[Io (satelles)|Io]], lunasatelles [[Iupiter|Iovis]]
#[[Io85 (asteroides)|Io]], asteroides, 85 Io
#[[Io (gastropoda)|Io]], cochlea aquae dulcis in familia [[Pleuroceridae|Pleuroceridarum]]
#[[Io (Polynesia)|Io]], deus supremus in variis [[mythologia Polynesia|mythologiis Polynesiis]]
<!--The Hawaiian Hawk's local name
Io (voievodal title particle), a particle of a title used by Romanian royalty from Moldavia and Walachia
Iwo Jima, a volcanic island in Japan
In modern fiction:
Blind Io, the current king of the gods in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of fantasy novels
Io (Dungeons & Dragons), the chief deity worshipped by dragons in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
Io (Babylon 5), a space station in the science fiction television show Babylon 5
In technology:
The IO.SYS file in DOS and Windows 95, 98 and ME.
Ido, a constructed language's ISO 639 alpha-2 codeiter
Io (programming language), a pure object-oriented programming language
iO Digital Cable Service, a digital cable service offered by Cablevision
Mitsubishi Pajero iO, a mini SUV produced by Mitsubishi Motors
Input/Output, communication between information processing systems -->