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==Fontes carentes==
(===Variant 5===)
(==Fontes carentes==)
* named and unnamed references are mixed up
* unname and empty references do also work
*[[:Categoria:==Fontes carentes]]==
The template {{fn|Fontes carentes}} is used, when somewhere sources are missing. Just write <nowiki><ref>{{Fontes carentes}}</ref></nowiki>. When you want to provide sources, write your sources between the "ref" tags: <nowiki><ref>.....</ref></nowiki> All the pages with missing sources you'll find in [[:Categoria:Fontes carentes]].
Sources should be provided for:
* Latin names for places
* other facts you add to an article
==Vide etiam==
*[[:Categoria:Fontes carentes]]
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