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  • Username: JAnDbot
  • Registered: 20:38, 27 Maii 2008 (11 years ago)
  • Total edit count: 10 834 594
  • Number of attached accounts: 729
  • Global group: Global bots
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Local wikiAttached onMethodBlockedEdit countGroups
aa.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)13
aa.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ab.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)259
ab.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ace.wikipedia.org07:49, 14 Augusti 2009created on login(?)378
ady.wikipedia.org10:14, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
af.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)12 721
af.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)6
af.wiktionary.org06:42, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)3 840bot
ak.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)176
ak.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
als.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)7 125bot
am.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 134bot
am.wiktionary.org08:54, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 455
ang.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 239
ang.wikisource.org14:14, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ang.wiktionary.org05:37, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)3 104
an.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)23 754bot
an.wiktionary.org08:54, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)3 556
arc.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 653
ar.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)46 149
ar.wikibooks.org19:45, 12 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
ar.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)822
ar.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)14
ar.wikisource.org10:25, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ar.wikiversity.org12:23, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
ar.wiktionary.org06:41, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)5 970bot
arz.wikipedia.org08:28, 26 Novembris 2008created on login(?)1 552
ast.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)20 907bot
ast.wiktionary.org09:04, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)17 123
as.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)311
as.wikisource.org10:13, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
as.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
atj.wikipedia.org11:58, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
av.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)839
av.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ay.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 592bot
ay.wiktionary.org08:53, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 937
azb.wikipedia.org12:15, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
az.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)13 395bot
az.wikiquote.org18:31, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)34
az.wikisource.org10:26, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
az.wiktionary.org08:53, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)28 486
ban.wikipedia.org13:26, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
bar.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)5 438bot
bat-smg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 774bot
ba.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 486bot
bcl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)858
be-tarask.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)24 785bot
beta.wikiversity.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
be.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)16 716bot
be.wikiquote.org18:36, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)5
be.wikisource.org18:26, 5 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
be.wiktionary.org08:57, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)6 366
bg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)51 677bot
bg.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)107
bg.wikiquote.org18:30, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)97
bg.wikisource.org18:52, 28 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
bg.wiktionary.org08:57, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)4 970
bh.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 338
bh.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
bi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)276
bi.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
bjn.wikipedia.org08:19, 26 Octobris 2010created on login(?)217
bm.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)740bot
bm.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
bn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)24 935
bn.wikibooks.org11:57, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
bn.wikisource.org21:25, 12 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
bn.wiktionary.org08:58, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 029
bo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 681bot
bo.wiktionary.org14:07, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
bpy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 508bot
br.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)32 647bot
br.wikiquote.org18:37, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)6
br.wikisource.org10:04, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
br.wiktionary.org08:55, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)11 536
bs.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)38 054
bs.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)3 018bot
bs.wikiquote.org18:30, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)110
bs.wikisource.org10:25, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
bs.wiktionary.org08:55, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)7 168
bug.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)358
bxr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)285
ca.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)52 665bot
ca.wikibooks.org11:38, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ca.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 724
ca.wikiquote.org18:33, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)45
ca.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
ca.wiktionary.org05:36, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)22 725
cbk-zam.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)695
cdo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)872bot
ceb.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 526bot
ce.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)926
cho.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)5
chr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)849
chr.wiktionary.org08:59, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)62 663
ch.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)380
ch.wiktionary.org14:19, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
chy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)150
ckb.wikipedia.org13:29, 17 Augusti 2009created on login(?)616
commons.wikimedia.org08:39, 10 Novembris 2009created on login(?)Blocked indefinitely.
Reason: Behavior by a global bot inconsistent with the global bot policy
  • editing (sitewide)
  • obstructio automatica prohibita
3 602
co.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)9 509bot
co.wikimedia.org22:40, 12 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
co.wiktionary.org09:04, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)5 961
crh.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 170bot
cr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)476
cr.wiktionary.org14:15, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
csb.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 662bot
csb.wiktionary.org20:15, 6 Iunii 2012created on login(?)5 253
cs.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008home wiki(?)1 084 921bot
cs.wikibooks.org20:59, 29 Novembris 2009created on login(?)2 742bot
cs.wikinews.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)14 320bot
cs.wikiquote.org19:19, 8 Septembris 2011created on login(?)19 068bot
cs.wikisource.org21:19, 5 Ianuarii 2012created on login(?)66 124bot
cs.wikiversity.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 107bot
cs.wiktionary.org20:56, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)384 804bot
cu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 024bot
cv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)16 606bot
cy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)36 204bot
cy.wikibooks.org21:02, 27 Maii 2018created on login(?)0
cy.wikiquote.org22:14, 25 Novembris 2014created on login(?)0
cy.wikisource.org10:14, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
cy.wiktionary.org09:01, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)19 980
da.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)65 020
da.wikibooks.org17:59, 19 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
da.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)4
da.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
da.wiktionary.org09:05, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)24 685
de.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)123 134bot
de.wikibooks.org17:24, 27 Septembris 2015created on login(?)0
de.wikinews.org11:09, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 431
de.wikiquote.org21:02, 26 Augusti 2013created on login(?)84
de.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
de.wikiversity.org12:22, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
de.wikivoyage.org23:21, 12 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
de.wiktionary.org09:07, 3 Novembris 2008created on login(?)92 963bot, ipblock-exempt
din.wikipedia.org12:30, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
diq.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 145
dsb.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 253bot
dty.wikipedia.org15:47, 26 Maii 2018created on login(?)0
dv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 707
dv.wiktionary.org09:07, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 173
dz.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)404
dz.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ee.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)452
el.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)43 958
el.wikibooks.org11:58, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
el.wikinews.org20:09, 25 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)1 304
el.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)48
el.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
el.wikiversity.org12:22, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
el.wikivoyage.org00:09, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
el.wiktionary.org10:22, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)4 597
eml.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)921bot
en.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)159 117bot
en.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
en.wikinews.org08:13, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 599
en.wikiquote.org21:03, 26 Augusti 2013created on login(?)Blocked indefinitely.
Reason: Unapproved bot activity - changed settings: it's not necessary to block the bot's IP address
  • editing (sitewide)
  • obstructio automatica prohibita
en.wikisource.org09:14, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
en.wikiversity.org14:56, 18 Decembris 2008created on login(?)4
en.wikivoyage.org22:54, 9 Februarii 2018created on login(?)0
en.wiktionary.org09:06, 3 Novembris 2008created on login(?)89 404bot
eo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)79 127bot
eo.wikinews.org20:07, 25 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)875
eo.wikiquote.org18:32, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)82
eo.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
eo.wiktionary.org21:54, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)28 124
es.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)99 889
es.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
es.wikinews.org11:05, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 318
es.wikiquote.org18:27, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)131
es.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
es.wikiversity.org21:38, 8 Novembris 2016created on login(?)0
es.wikivoyage.org01:14, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
es.wiktionary.org09:10, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)58 669
et.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)58 292bot
et.wikibooks.org11:57, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
et.wikiquote.org18:28, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)38
et.wikisource.org01:31, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
et.wiktionary.org09:09, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)70 792
eu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)40 952bot
eu.wikiquote.org18:36, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)20
eu.wikisource.org10:29, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
eu.wiktionary.org12:19, 9 Iunii 2011created on login(?)67 008
ext.wikipedia.org08:26, 28 Maii 2008created on login(?)635
fa.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)32 870bot
fa.wikinews.org18:50, 21 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)695
fa.wikiquote.org18:32, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)43
fa.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
fa.wiktionary.org21:54, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)23 726
ff.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)382bot
fiu-vro.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 794bot
fi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)72 523
fi.wikibooks.org13:28, 30 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
fi.wikinews.org11:09, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 376bot
fi.wikiquote.org18:31, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)31
fi.wikisource.org09:33, 27 Aprilis 2018created on login(?)0
fi.wikiversity.org12:23, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
fi.wiktionary.org09:05, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)116 426
fj.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)274
fj.wiktionary.org09:05, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)26 322
fo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 796bot
fo.wikisource.org10:04, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
fo.wiktionary.org09:05, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)3 251
frp.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 637bot
frr.wikipedia.org10:59, 20 Augusti 2010created on login(?)457
fr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)116 424
fr.wikibooks.org11:54, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
fr.wikinews.org11:09, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 488bot
fr.wikiquote.org18:28, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)90
fr.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
fr.wikiversity.org12:22, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
fr.wikivoyage.org00:11, 10 Februarii 2018created on login(?)0
fr.wiktionary.org06:09, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)55 748
fur.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 465bot
fy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)16 321bot
fy.wiktionary.org21:53, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)8 126
gag.wikipedia.org14:27, 22 Novembris 2010created on login(?)226
gan.wikipedia.org13:29, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)6 543
ga.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)18 375bot
ga.wiktionary.org21:56, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)7 777
gcr.wikipedia.org13:22, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
gd.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)15 006bot
gd.wiktionary.org11:09, 4 Novembris 2008created on login(?)4 428
glk.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)221
gl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)31 735
gl.wikibooks.org11:57, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
gl.wikiquote.org18:33, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)27
gl.wikisource.org02:46, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
gl.wiktionary.org09:08, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)33 076
gn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 722bot
gn.wiktionary.org05:43, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)296
gom.wikipedia.org11:58, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
gor.wikipedia.org11:58, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
got.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)460
gu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 469bot
gu.wikiquote.org22:14, 25 Novembris 2014created on login(?)0
gu.wikisource.org19:32, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
gu.wiktionary.org06:14, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 049
gv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 519bot
gv.wiktionary.org09:10, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)2 550
hak.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 351
ha.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)512bot
ha.wiktionary.org05:41, 31 Maii 2012created on login(?)537
haw.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 192bot
he.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)64 299
he.wikibooks.org03:13, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
he.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)189
he.wikiquote.org18:28, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)94
he.wikisource.org10:04, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
he.wikivoyage.org03:18, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
he.wiktionary.org05:45, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 172bot
hif.wikipedia.org13:05, 3 Iunii 2008created on login(?)1 256
hif.wiktionary.org21:56, 20 Decembris 2017created on login(?)103
hi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 886autoreview, bot
hi.wikiquote.org20:52, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)1
hi.wikisource.org13:26, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
hi.wikiversity.org20:08, 7 Augusti 2017created on login(?)0
hi.wiktionary.org06:13, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 266
ho.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6
hr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)49 013bot
hr.wikiquote.org21:44, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)61
hr.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
hr.wiktionary.org05:45, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)36 298bot
hsb.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 464bot
hsb.wiktionary.org09:44, 13 Martii 2012created on login(?)3 606
ht.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)13 635bot
ht.wikisource.org14:16, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
hu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)46 506
hu.wikibooks.org11:54, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
hu.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1
hu.wikiquote.org18:29, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)53
hu.wikisource.org09:16, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
hu.wiktionary.org09:09, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)119 561
hy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)13 900
hy.wikibooks.org11:38, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
hy.wikiquote.org18:32, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)28
hy.wikisource.org20:28, 18 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
hy.wiktionary.org10:31, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)5 931
hyw.wikipedia.org13:12, 7 Aprilis 2019created on login(?)0
hz.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)5
ia.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)8 969
ia.wiktionary.org13:06, 3 Novembris 2008created on login(?)2 593
id.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)55 253bot
id.wikibooks.org11:39, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
id.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)17
id.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
id.wiktionary.org05:33, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)34 183
ie.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 656bot
ie.wiktionary.org08:53, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 961
ig.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 402bot
ii.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)14
ik.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)266
ik.wiktionary.org08:52, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)104
ilo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 194
incubator.wikimedia.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
inh.wikipedia.org12:16, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
io.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)12 599bot
io.wiktionary.org08:52, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)101 808
is.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)37 629
is.wikibooks.org11:57, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
is.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)11
is.wikisource.org20:37, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
is.wiktionary.org10:17, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)4 386bot, editor
it.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)107 684
it.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
it.wikinews.org10:29, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)2 001
it.wikiquote.org18:27, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)192
it.wikisource.org09:18, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
it.wikiversity.org12:22, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
it.wikivoyage.org05:09, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
it.wiktionary.org06:11, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)69 082bot
iu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)981bot
iu.wiktionary.org05:46, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)570
jam.wikipedia.org10:14, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
ja.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)98 559
ja.wikibooks.org08:03, 12 Iulii 2017created on login(?)0
ja.wikinews.org13:34, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)2 543
ja.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)30
ja.wikisource.org09:39, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
ja.wikiversity.org12:23, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
ja.wiktionary.org10:19, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)56 457bot
jbo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 949bot
jbo.wiktionary.org05:41, 31 Maii 2012created on login(?)2 167
jv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)17 355bot
jv.wiktionary.org08:54, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)2 188
kaa.wikipedia.org06:49, 28 Maii 2008created on login(?)645
kab.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)911bot
ka.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)57 554bot, trusted
ka.wikibooks.org21:02, 27 Maii 2018created on login(?)0
ka.wikiquote.org18:32, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)29
ka.wiktionary.org22:30, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)8 528
kbd.wikipedia.org06:09, 30 Septembris 2011created on login(?)103
kbp.wikipedia.org12:31, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
kg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)499
ki.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)142
kj.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6
kk.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)10 721bot
kk.wiktionary.org08:53, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)1 905
kl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)732
kl.wiktionary.org05:39, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 574
km.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)738bot
km.wiktionary.org06:41, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)1 633
kn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 609bot
kn.wikiquote.org19:57, 7 Ianuarii 2014created on login(?)0
kn.wikisource.org10:38, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
kn.wiktionary.org09:00, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)30 052
koi.wikipedia.org08:07, 25 Octobris 2010created on login(?)232
ko.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)56 529bot
ko.wikibooks.org21:02, 27 Maii 2018created on login(?)0
ko.wikinews.org18:51, 21 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)676
ko.wikiquote.org22:14, 25 Novembris 2014created on login(?)0
ko.wikisource.org10:02, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ko.wikiversity.org13:08, 6 Septembris 2017created on login(?)0
ko.wiktionary.org11:16, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)97 632bot
krc.wikipedia.org14:45, 22 Martii 2010created on login(?)713bot
kr.wikipedia.org14:16, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ksh.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)13 537bot
ks.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)491
ks.wiktionary.org07:16, 31 Maii 2012created on login(?)517
ku.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)9 153bot
ku.wikiquote.org18:36, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)23
ku.wiktionary.org06:41, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)25 238
kv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 683
kw.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)3 023bot
kw.wiktionary.org05:48, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 447
ky.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 332
ky.wikiquote.org18:44, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)2
ky.wiktionary.org09:02, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)7 680
lad.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 674
la.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)33 479
la.wikiquote.org18:48, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)9
la.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
la.wiktionary.org06:16, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)5 105
lbe.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)310
lb.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)39 460bot
lb.wiktionary.org09:10, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)16 019
lez.wikipedia.org06:07, 29 Martii 2012created on login(?)103
lfn.wikipedia.org10:17, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
lg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)256
lij.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)5 611bot
li.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 950bot
li.wikinews.org14:08, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
li.wikiquote.org18:28, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)19
li.wikisource.org12:30, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
li.wiktionary.org21:20, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)44 593bot
lmo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)5 139bot
ln.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 973bot
ln.wiktionary.org05:54, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 539
login.wikimedia.org10:28, 20 Augusti 2014created on login(?)0
lo.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)913
lo.wiktionary.org09:10, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)30 194
lrc.wikipedia.org20:18, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
ltg.wikipedia.org09:28, 22 Martii 2011created on login(?)101
lt.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)45 476bot
lt.wikibooks.org11:58, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
lt.wikiquote.org18:30, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)106
lt.wikisource.org18:45, 28 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
lt.wiktionary.org21:53, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)67 093
lv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)37 890
lv.wiktionary.org09:09, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)16 745
mai.wikipedia.org12:15, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
map-bms.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 211
mdf.wikipedia.org10:45, 28 Maii 2008created on login(?)786
www.mediawiki.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
meta.wikimedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1
mg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 733bot
mg.wiktionary.org09:03, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)92 140
mhr.wikipedia.org12:22, 10 Iulii 2009created on login(?)924
mh.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)8
mh.wiktionary.org14:16, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
min.wikipedia.org18:48, 8 Februarii 2013created on login(?)370bot
mi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 866bot
mi.wiktionary.org06:19, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)3 213
mk.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)24 401bot
mk.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
mk.wiktionary.org17:53, 3 Novembris 2008created on login(?)6 394
ml.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)7 369bot
ml.wikiquote.org18:41, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)8
ml.wikisource.org10:25, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ml.wiktionary.org05:37, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)6 245
mn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 135bot
mn.wiktionary.org05:55, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)3 794
mnw.wikipedia.org14:08, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
mrj.wikipedia.org08:20, 26 Octobris 2010created on login(?)264
mr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)19 942bot
mr.wikiquote.org18:37, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)3
mr.wikisource.org09:05, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
mr.wiktionary.org05:55, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)460
ms.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)52 181bot
ms.wiktionary.org06:24, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 104
mt.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 476bot
mt.wiktionary.org05:55, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)4 199
mus.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)7
mwl.wikipedia.org07:51, 14 Augusti 2009created on login(?)535
myv.wikipedia.org10:59, 28 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 040
my.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)974
my.wiktionary.org09:01, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)29 511
mzn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)714
nah.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 552bot
nah.wiktionary.org06:49, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)1 742
nap.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 037bot
nap.wikisource.org14:56, 30 Septembris 2019created on login(?)0
na.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)2 058bot
na.wiktionary.org05:57, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)2 715
nds-nl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 837bot
nds.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)19 862bot
nds.wiktionary.org06:22, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)6 945bot
ne.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 446
ne.wikibooks.org09:29, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
ne.wiktionary.org09:07, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)522
new.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 704
ng.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)146
nl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)107 855
nl.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
nl.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)35
nl.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)47
nl.wikisource.org10:02, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
nl.wiktionary.org21:52, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)70 167bot
nn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)48 162bot
nn.wikiquote.org18:36, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)25
nn.wiktionary.org05:57, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)15 806bot
nov.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 486bot
no.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)77 379
no.wikimedia.org12:35, 15 Ianuarii 2018created on login(?)0
no.wikinews.org13:28, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)772
no.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)29
no.wikisource.org10:02, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
no.wiktionary.org21:52, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)37 166bot
nqo.wikipedia.org14:08, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
nrm.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)6 164bot
nso.wikipedia.org11:08, 31 Octobris 2011created on login(?)140
nv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)979
ny.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)273
oc.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)34 680bot
oc.wikibooks.org11:38, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
oc.wiktionary.org08:58, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)23 180
olo.wikipedia.org10:04, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
om.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)394
om.wiktionary.org05:57, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)906
or.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)827
or.wikisource.org10:29, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
or.wiktionary.org07:04, 14 Martii 2012created on login(?)258
os.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)7 284bot
pag.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)501
pam.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)3 521
pap.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)814
pa.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)992
pa.wikisource.org10:38, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
pa.wiktionary.org05:58, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)761
pcd.wikipedia.org21:33, 27 Decembris 2009created on login(?)278
pdc.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 519
pfl.wikipedia.org08:35, 23 Novembris 2010created on login(?)109
pih.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)547
pi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 496
pi.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
pl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)115 771
pl.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
pl.wikinews.org09:07, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 018bot
pl.wikiquote.org21:00, 26 Augusti 2013created on login(?)201
pl.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
pl.wiktionary.org11:59, 13 Iunii 2011created on login(?)102 091
pms.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)7 649bot
pms.wikisource.org11:52, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
pnb.wikipedia.org07:43, 14 Augusti 2009created on login(?)1 184
pnb.wiktionary.org17:11, 3 Februarii 2012created on login(?)190
pnt.wikipedia.org11:13, 9 Martii 2009created on login(?)305
ps.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 712
ps.wiktionary.org05:58, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)575
pt.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)92 410bot
pt.wikibooks.org16:18, 20 Augusti 2015created on login(?)0
pt.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)688
pt.wikiquote.org18:28, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)141
pt.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
pt.wikiversity.org18:50, 28 Maii 2015created on login(?)0
pt.wikivoyage.org11:11, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
pt.wiktionary.org08:58, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)70 916
qu.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)10 967bot
qu.wiktionary.org05:58, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)918
rm.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 473
rm.wiktionary.org14:07, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
rmy.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 392bot
rn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)164
rn.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
roa-rup.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)11 105
roa-rup.wiktionary.org05:59, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 708
roa-tara.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)719
ro.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)54 860bot
ro.wikinews.org13:44, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)438
ro.wikiquote.org18:33, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)21
ro.wikisource.org09:20, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
ro.wiktionary.org06:29, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)44 004bot
rue.wikipedia.org12:02, 9 Februarii 2011created on login(?)872
ru.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)99 520uploader
ru.wikibooks.org11:53, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ru.wikimedia.org11:26, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
ru.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 542bot
ru.wikiquote.org18:29, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)108
ru.wikisource.org13:38, 16 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
ru.wikiversity.org12:23, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
ru.wikivoyage.org07:02, 10 Februarii 2018created on login(?)0
ru.wiktionary.org11:53, 13 Iunii 2011created on login(?)154 831bot
rw.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by email(?)504
rw.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 033
sah.wikipedia.org11:49, 28 Maii 2008created on login(?)2 871
sah.wikiquote.org10:30, 13 Octobris 2019created on login(?)0
sah.wikisource.org10:20, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
sat.wikipedia.org19:33, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
sa.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 434
sa.wikiquote.org22:14, 25 Novembris 2014created on login(?)0
sa.wikisource.org19:32, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
sa.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)27 327
scn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)15 503bot
scn.wiktionary.org06:19, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)3 307
sco.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)4 395bot
sc.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 342
sc.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
sd.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)357
sd.wikinews.org14:16, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
sd.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)711
se.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)3 577bot
sg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)181
sg.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)886
shn.wikipedia.org11:38, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
sh.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)31 567bot
sh.wiktionary.org08:56, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)16 375
simple.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)40 261
simple.wiktionary.org09:06, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)20 654
si.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 129bot
si.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 544
sk.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)126 230bot
sk.wikibooks.org18:22, 18 Octobris 2013created on login(?)577bot
sk.wikiquote.org16:36, 5 Octobris 2012created on login(?)4 349
sk.wikisource.org07:12, 3 Martii 2014created on login(?)100bot
sk.wiktionary.org21:20, 2 Novembris 2008created on login(?)63 256
sl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)69 922bot
sl.wikiquote.org18:31, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)60
sl.wikisource.org21:02, 18 Iunii 2018created on login(?)0
sl.wikiversity.org13:03, 6 Septembris 2017created on login(?)0
sl.wiktionary.org08:56, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)9 765
sm.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)732
sm.wiktionary.org08:56, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)13 318
sn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)257
sn.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
wikisource.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
so.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 229
so.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)4 936
species.wikimedia.org14:09, 14 Septembris 2009created on login(?)17
sq.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)24 213autoreview, bot
sq.wikinews.org20:08, 25 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)204
sq.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)11
sq.wiktionary.org06:42, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 016
srn.wikipedia.org12:31, 18 Iunii 2008created on login(?)556
sr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)59 699
sr.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 479
sr.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)28
sr.wikisource.org12:16, 15 Martii 2019created on login(?)0
sr.wiktionary.org06:42, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)4 194
ss.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)799bot
ss.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1 063
stq.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)817
st.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)327
st.wiktionary.org06:03, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)2 346
su.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)10 259bot
su.wikiquote.org19:57, 7 Ianuarii 2014created on login(?)0
su.wiktionary.org08:57, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)816
sv.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)88 004
sv.wikibooks.org17:24, 27 Septembris 2015created on login(?)0
sv.wikinews.org13:27, 29 Maii 2008created on login(?)404
sv.wikiquote.org18:34, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)49
sv.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
sv.wikiversity.org12:23, 8 Iunii 2015created on login(?)0
sv.wiktionary.org10:19, 23 Iunii 2011created on login(?)84 820bot
sw.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)12 704bot
sw.wiktionary.org06:04, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)4 802
szl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 730
szy.wikipedia.org13:42, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
ta.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)18 229bot
ta.wikinews.org10:36, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1 830
ta.wikiquote.org18:35, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)5
ta.wikisource.org10:14, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
ta.wiktionary.org06:12, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)6 918bot
tcy.wikipedia.org11:48, 27 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
test2.wikipedia.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
test.wikipedia.org06:12, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)1
test.wikidata.org16:28, 6 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
tet.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 295bot
te.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)8 489bot
te.wikiquote.org18:36, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)4
te.wikisource.org21:56, 20 Iulii 2019created on login(?)0
te.wiktionary.org06:06, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)3 681
tg.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)9 672bot
tg.wiktionary.org09:03, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)10 618
th.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)50 378bot
th.wikinews.org10:35, 30 Maii 2008created on login(?)1
th.wikiquote.org22:14, 25 Novembris 2014created on login(?)0
th.wikisource.org10:26, 2 Novembris 2015created on login(?)0
th.wiktionary.org09:02, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)24 332
ti.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)193
ti.wiktionary.org09:04, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)876
tk.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 634
tk.wiktionary.org05:43, 18 Aprilis 2012created on login(?)2 354
tl.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)23 019bot
tl.wiktionary.org06:06, 25 Iunii 2012created on login(?)6 414
tn.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)217
tn.wiktionary.org09:01, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)881
to.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)654bot
to.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
tpi.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)933
tpi.wiktionary.org08:59, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)1 108
tr.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)67 455bot
tr.wikinews.org20:07, 25 Aprilis 2013created on login(?)1 320
tr.wikiquote.org18:29, 17 Augusti 2013created on login(?)79
tr.wikisource.org09:19, 9 Iulii 2014created on login(?)0
tr.wiktionary.org12:40, 9 Iunii 2011created on login(?)89 339bot
ts.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)410
ts.wiktionary.org09:00, 18 Maii 2011created on login(?)783
tt.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)10 917bot
tt.wiktionary.org12:00, 13 Iunii 2011created on login(?)1 694
tum.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)171
tw.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)222
tw.wiktionary.org14:18, 23 Ianuarii 2020created on login(?)0
tyv.wikipedia.org08:43, 22 Maii 2014created on login(?)0
ty.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 047
ua.wikimedia.org14:28, 13 Decembris 2017created on login(?)0
udm.wikipedia.org20:38, 27 Maii 2008confirmed by password(?)1 998bot
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