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National Hockey LeagueRecensere

Hi, I assume you speak English :) Is there any point to creating a lot of the pages you've been making? I mean, Calgary Flames for example...whether or not it is worthwhile to write an article about hockey teams in a Latin encyclopedia is one thing, but a page with only an external image definitely isn't useful at all. I also see there are some untranslated articles like National Hockey League, and ones that are just external links like The WB.

I'm glad there are people here attempting to add articles, but I'm afraid what you're adding isn't very useful. Adam Episcopus 06:51 jan 16, 2004 (UTC)

Yes (Ja), I know Latin, And some titles a few of them will revert to a Latin Language, The external links page and the National Hockey League pages will be translated by any user. Just the three of them. Pumpie.


Hello, anonymous one. On the assumption that you are the person who created the article "Lingua Mauris", which then has "Lingua Maurica" in bold in the first sentence, please tell us where the adjective came from. (As our friend Iustinus says on Disputatio:Lingua_Mauris, it's regrettably close to the word for "Moorish", which probably has 2000 years of priority!). If no reply from you soon, we may have to see whether the New Zealand Catholic Church has an approved translation. - Robin Patterson 00:05 mai 2, 2004 (UTC)


(Dacia ... Turkiae ? Cappadocia vero! Delenda est notitia spuria!)

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