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Hello. What would 'portable media player' and 'MP3-player' be in Latin? It may be good to have these words in this article to explain further what MP3 is. What do you know or suggest? Donatello (disputatio) 00:21, 14 Augusti 2012 (UTC).

'Portable' more formally—and with unmistakable clarity—is quod portari potest, but in modern Latin gestabile seems to be in widespread use. See Computatrum gestabile ('laptop'), Horologium gestabile ('watch'), Telephonum gestabile ('mobile'). IacobusAmor (disputatio) 01:45, 14 Augusti 2012 (UTC)
Vide verbum deponens: Musica in hac forma utitur in multa electronica = 'Music uses in this form into many electronica' ~ 'He/She/It uses music in this form into many electronica. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 01:59, 14 Augusti 2012 (UTC)
Non est iuste? Fortasse sit 'Musica in hac forma utitur/adhibetur (non certus sum) in multa electronica ...', "Music in this form are used in many electronics ...". Singularis a 'multus' (in forma feminina) hic est, tum 'electronica' fungat ut verbum multorum, sed Anglice contra autem erit many electronics. Sed fortasse sum in falso. Fortasse sit 'multae electronicae'.
Donatello (disputatio) 16:21, 14 Augusti 2012 (UTC).
Revertere ad "MP3".